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Tired of wasting money on big name job boards?

You spend a small fortune on job boards just to shuffle through tons of applications, many from job seekers applying to any and everything to see what sticks. The perfect fit can seem like a needle in a haystack. There’s little worse than discovering a new hire needs way more training than they let on. Meanwhile, the best candidates slip through the cracks.

The truth is, the way hiring is done today is antiquated and inefficient. You should have confidence that the candidate is knowledgeable and prepared for the job BEFORE you call them for an interview.

EyeHR makes hiring easier than ever.

You face unique challenges when hiring. Our software helps you save time and get to the best candidates first.

Other companies either tell you what to do (but don’t help you do it), or offer to do your hiring for you - completely removing you from the process. While “done for you” may sound nice - when your office culture and reputation are on the line, can you afford to take those chances?

Flexible and customizable, even an inexperienced office manager can understand it quickly. EyeHR keeps you involved at every step and gives you the tools to quickly make an informed decision on every hire you make.

With EyeHR

  • Avoid spending costly time on unqualified candidates
  • Digital applications. No more messy piles of paper
  • Maintain a pool of relevant candidates for those unexpected openings

Without EyeHR

  • Waste valuable time with job seekers who don’t fit your role
  • Miss out on the best candidates
  • Go through a mountain of applications
  • Repeat every time you have an opening

Know who you’re interviewing

Exaggerating experience and skills is an all too common problem, and can be expensive. You have to spend hours and money training or start all over searching for a new employee. You should have peace of mind when hiring. Using our skill assessments, you’ll know your candidate’s skill level and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Ditch the
Resume clutter.

Resumes simply don’t make as much sense in the digital age. There are so many styles and formats, you can waste time reviewing them. One of your applicants has their work history in the top left, another in the bottom right. What a headache. This lost time adds up.

Even worse, some resume formats available online make it easy to distract you from gaps in experience or work history.

EyeHR collects prior employment information and administers skill assessments to your applicants so you have the exact information you need presented to you in a consistent and simple format.

You should feel confident when hiring for your practice. EyeHR makes this faster and easier than ever.

Job hopefuls apply to your practice using a digital application.
You review the applications
Skills test administered to assess your applicant.
Interview the applicant by phone or video chat.
In-Person Interview
Hire your candidate!
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